Warranties & Coatings

Painted Kynar 500® Panels

PAINTED KYNAR 500 PANELS with 40 year Limited finish Warranty. Painted Kynar 500® Panels provide the highest quality paint finish available. Kynar 500 is designed for use on applications where long term finish quality is critical. Standard Kynar 500® paint colors include: Regal White, Lightstone, Ash Gray, Ivory, Surrey Beige, Charcoal, Roman Blue, Clay, Patrician Bronze, Evergreen, Tudor Brown & Autumn Red. Now available in Painted Copper! COLOR CHARTS AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL STORE. ADDITIONAL COLORS ALSO AVAILABLE.

Painted Silicon Polyester Panels

PAINTED SILICON POLYESTER PANELS with 30 year Limited Finish Warranty Painted Silicon Polyester Panels are the metal building industry standard for painted panels and offer a good finish quality at an affordable price. Standard Siliconized Polyester paint colors include: Brite White, Timber Tan, Lightstone, Ash Gray, Evergreen, Autumn Red & Tudor Brown. All of Metal Mart’s standard Silicon Polyester paint finishes meet Energy Star requirements for Cool Roofing.

Painted Commodity Panels

PAINTED COMMODITY PANELS with 5 year Limited Finish Warranty Painted Commodity Panels are offered to our customers when price is a primary concern. The Commodity warranty protects against finish “chipping, cracking and peeling”, but does not cover “fading”. Standard Commodity paint colors include: Brite White, Timber Tan, Lightstone, Ash Gray & Evergreen.

Unpainted Galvalume Plus

UNPAINTED GALVALUME PLUS with 20 Year Limited Finish Warranty A patented alloy of barrier-resistant aluminum and corrosion-fighting zinc gives Galvalume its superior corrosion resistance. Tests have proven this alloy superior to the zinc-only coating used in regular Galvanized sheeting. Galvalume Plus panels are designed for use in low-slope, low visibility roofing applications and will exhibit some degree of inconsistent “darkening” or “weathering” after exposure to the elements. This condition is normal and does not compromise the durability of the panel, is not a reason for rejection or a basis for a warranty claim. For residential roofing or other high visibility applications where long-term finish appearance is important, pre-painted Galvalume panels are recommended rather than bare, unpainted Galvalume Plus.

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