Met-Tile Roofing

Spanish clay tile look... the value of metal!

Met-Tile roofing looks so much like clay or concrete tile, you may be surprised to learn it’s made of metal!

Super-strong, high-tech steel panels, in fact. Met-Tile can give your home the “tilish” look you love, and more!

Available in 10 designer colors!in 10 designer colors!

Met-Tile offers the beauty of tile without the weight.

Met-Tile weighs only 1.25 lb per square foot -- just 1/10th the weight of some clay tiles. It’s light enough to top any type of existing home with no need to add costly truss support.

On new homes, construction costs can often be reduced when you design for the light weight of Met-Tile. It’s also safer than heavy tiles in earthquakes or hurricanes. Low maintenance, long life.

Met-Tile is rated as a lifetime roofing system and requires little maintenance. After a number of years, panels can be recoated if desired, eliminating the need for a roof replacement.

Environmentally friendly performance.

Met-Tile uses a low VOC paint finish for environmentally friendly performance, low maintenance and long life. Plus, Met-Tile is made of recyclable metal for added environmental benefit.