1/4” Magnetic Hex Socket

5/16” Magnetic Hex Socket
3/8” Magnetic Hex Socket
#2 Phillips Drive Socket

Touch-Up Paint

Pints available in all standard colors.

Rust Inhibiting Metal Coating

Red Primer - 5 Gallons
Red Primer - 1 Gallon
Red Primer - 23 oz. Spray

Wiss Aviation Tin Snips

Straight Cut
Right Cut
Left Cut

Tenryu Steel-Pro Cutting Blade

Fits 7-1/4” circular saws. Good for cutting
sheet steel, metal studs, steel pipe, channel
and other mild steel.

Sheeter Drill Bits

1/8”, 3/16”, 5/16”,
3/8”, 1/2”, 9/16”

Non-Slip Panel Protector

Available in 2’ x 60’ rolls or by the foot.

7-1/4” Metal Cutting Blade

Fits all 7-1/4” circular saws. Used for cutting
flat and corrugated sheet steel and bar stock.

14” Abrasive Cutting Blade

Fits all 14” chop saws with 1” arbor. Cuts structural
metal, angle iron and other ferrous metals.

Vice Grip Sheet Metal Tool

3-1/8” width locking jaws.
Excellent for trim fabrication.

Vice Grip Locking C-Clamp

Hemming Tool

Truck Ratchet Tie Downs

2” x 50’ 10,000# web.

Custom sheet metal tools